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<p>We are fortunate to have many favorable reviews from professional wine writers; thanks to all of them and we will strive to continue to produce wines that they feel are outstanding, however, I feel EVERYONE is an expert of what they like. Your personal prefereneces should always guide your choices.<p>First, a comment from Antonio Galloni from February 2016 in his review "From 2014 Sonoma and Pinots North: New Releases, Parts 1 & 2:

<p>It is so refreshing to taste with proprietor Stephen Hansel.  At a time when so many of the worlds best wines are increasingly unaffordable for the normal consumer, Hansel has kept his prices decidedly reasonable.  As I have wirtten before, Hansel's wines epitomize what the Russion River does so well; namely, rich, butter Chardonnays and forward, juicy Pinots.  During my January trip I also enjoyed a delicious meal at the Walter Hansel Wine & Bistro, a California version of a classic French bistro.  The food was delicious, but more than the cooking I was struck by an old-fashioned sense of warmth and hospitality that I have not seen in a restaurant in a very long time.  Everything about Walter Hansel Winery speaks to class.  Other comments from Antonio Galloni, February 2014, Sonoma and Beyond":<em> </em></p>


<p><em>"When I think about estates that embody the essence of the Russian River Valley, Hansel always comes to mind. Best of all Stephen Hansel has retained a focus on value. Simply put, these are some of the most Consumer friendly wines readers will come across ANYWHERE in California".

<p>Now I would like to include&nbsp;excerpts from&nbsp;Robert Parkers Wine Advocate from between 2006 to the present, because his comments mirror what we strive to be as a Company and what we want to provide to you, the consumer:</p>

<p>"<em> Combining quality with reasonable prices and Estate-grown grapes, you can't do much better than Stephen Hansel's chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. He has recently opened an excellent Bistro called Walter Hansel Wine and Bistro."&nbsp; </em>Wine Advocate#210 Dec 2013</p>

<p><em>"I was quite taken with the wines I tasted with proprietor Stephen Hansel earlier this year. In particular, the 2010 Chardonnays have turned out far better than I expected. They are complete and beautifully balanced to a degree that is surprising." Wine Advocate #206 April 2013</em></p>

<p><em>"These are consistently terrific wines, seemingly regardless of vintage conditions. Moreover, they are reasonably priced, and wine consumers couldn't have a better friend than proprietor Stephen Hansel"</em>&nbsp; Wine Advocate #187 Feb 2010</p>

<p><em>"This is a source for very fine Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs at some of the most realistic prices to be found in Northern California."&nbsp; </em>Wine Advocate #180 Dec 2008</p>

<p>"<em>One of northern California's "good guys" is undeniably Stephen Hansel, who fashions top-quality Burgundian-styled Chardonnays and Pinot Noirs. Tom Rochioli first brought these wines to my attention, and Hansel is now one of my reference point visits in the North Coast."</em>&nbsp; Wine Advocate #168 Dec 2006</p>